What Are Extended Labels Used for?


peel back labels added product information


If you ever heard of wrap labels or peel back labels, then you already know the gist of what extended labels are all about. These types of labels are designed to offer added space on the wrapping or packaging on a product and minimize the amount of surface area that the actual label takes up.


Now, the use of extended labels can have to do with a number of different purposes. Some labels are designed to offer extra space while others are designed to provide additional information in layers. Some are not even meant for the retail process, but are used primarily to present information on the different stages of the manufacturing process.


There are different types of extended labels, each typically having to do with a different application. Wrap labels are some of the most common. As the name would suggest, they are wrapped and they peel back to unroll when you want them to reveal the information that they store.


Dry release labels are custom labels that feature a hinge and provide up to three layers or pages of custom artwork to convey your message and offers.


Finally, booklet labels are some of the best to use when you have an extensive amount of information to share with your customers. These labels are essentially booklets that unwind to present multiple pages of information. They maximize the amount of content being presented on a minimal amount of surface area.