What Are Digital Peel Back Labels Mostly Used for?

piggy back extended label

Digital peel back labels are used for product authentication and anti-counterfeiting purposes. In other words, such labels are designed to provide a feature that can be easily verified by consumers or authorities. The labels typically include multiple layers, with a top layer that can be peeled back to reveal hidden information or features.

Companies use digital peel back labels to clearly identify products and protect them against counterfeiting. The hidden information revealed upon peeling back the label can include unique codes, serial numbers, QR codes, or other identifiers that can be cross-checked with a database to verify the product’s authenticity.

At the same time, peel back labels by a digital printing Colorado company can be used to provide additional product information that may not fit on the primary packaging. This can include instructions for use, multilingual information, dosage details, or promotional messages.

Moreover, companies may use peel back labels as part of promotional campaigns or contests. Also, this type of labels can be used in supply chain management to track the movement of products.

Another common use of digital peel and reveal labels is that of limited editions. Here we could include small form cosmetic products such as eyeliners, lipstick tubes, lotion bottles or mostly any type of product that is small in size.