What Are Can Wraps?


beer can wrap printing design techniques


As their name states, can wraps are outer packages applied on food and drink cans. They are made of a clinging material, such as shrink wrap PE or PP. At the present, they are becoming more popular for modern brands because they allow them to express an image in tune with the younger generation, and many of the digital printing Colorado companies are producing them.


Key Features of Can Wraps:


  1. They Are Easily Customizable

Can wraps can be designed in any model and with an infinite number of colors. Compared to direct printing on cans, wraps have almost no restrictions when it comes to inks and printing processes.


Many brands choose can wraps for holiday packaging, so that they do not have to change the entire process of printing regular product packaging.


  1. They Offer Protection against Contamination

A can wrap that completely covers the product is like a seal. The customer has the assurance that the product has not been tampered with and is free from contamination during storage and transportation.


  1. They Are Less Expensive than Printing on the Package

Printing on metallic cans has its challenges, especially if it contains foods and drinks. The cans must be sterilized in an autoclave (a chamber containing boiling hot water). Thus, the printing may fade or wash out. Since can wraps are applied after sterilization, they will not be affected by this issue.