Ways to Make Your Custom Product Label Look Luxurious without the Price Tag

Printing Labels Luxurious Products

Are you interested in making your products look catchier and more luxurious? Research shows that a great number of shoppers buy on impulse, and the label itself is one of the top most important factors that lead them to make their purchases. With that in mind, it can be essential to use the best ways you can to make your custom product labels stand out and look high-end:


  1. One of the things you can do is use less text. While some text is essential – like outlining disclaimers, ingredients and other important information, words used for marketing purposes are usually best replaced by beautiful graphics that tell a more complete story.
  2. Establish a good 3D layout of all the graphics and of where you want your most eye-catching elements to be located on the label. For this purpose, 3D design is best used to create a mock-up of your design and tweak it little by little, until you are fully satisfied.
  3. Use colors and graphics that are typically associated with your industry and look for simpler color palettes and typography for a sense of luxury. For instance, for makeup packaging, a minimalist black label with some subtle gold and a classic font will create a high-end look.  Look to printing companies such as Primeflex Labels Inc. for fabulous results.