Waterproof Packaging for Liquids


soft pouch label printer liquid waterproof

Liquid products offer various challenges from the point of view of packaging, storing and shipping. The first obvious quality of a packaging material for liquids is that it has to be waterproof.  It’s best to get a sample packet printing label and discuss all the options.


You can choose from a wide range of waterproof packaging materials, such as:


  1. Glass

Glass is the traditional packaging for all kind of liquids from foods to alcohol and perfumes. The advantages of glass is that it is an eco-friendly and recyclable material, can be made in any shape and in a wide range of colors. The disadvantages are the fact that glass packaging is heavy and it also breaks quite easily. Thus, you need to add protective packaging materials for long distance shipping.


  1. PET Bottles and Pouches

PET is the acronym for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of polyester. It can be made into any shape by injection molding or extrusion. There are some concerns that PET is a porous material, which may leak chemicals into liquids. Therefore, it is recommended for non-food products.


  1. Carton

Carton is the most popular packaging material for liquid foods, such as milk and juice. It can be made in various sizes and printed in many colors. Consumers love carton packaging, because it is recyclable and lightweight. Plus, you can print various marketing messages on the four sides of the carton, including recipes using your product.