Useful Tips for Using Amazon Barcodes on Your Labels

product labels peel and reveal bar codes

When you’re selling on Amazon, it’s important to make sure that all your products have an appropriate Amazon barcode. Amazon can get very strict about this aspect of the process, since barcodes drive deliveries in a very organized fashion, as your products are sent to fulfillment centers in order to be processed.


The general idea is that, if your products don’t have a manufacturer bar code, then you have to use an Amazon bar code. For eligible products that do have barcodes provided by manufacturers, you can simply use them to track your inventory and make sure that all your products arrive safely where they’re supposed to. However, if for instance, you are a beginning manufacturer or seller who creates handmade products at home, you might not be eligible for a manufacturer product.


For that purpose, Amazon actually has a very convenient and simple process for using Amazon barcodes. You can simply go into your seller account and access your product information in order to obtain and print a brand new GS1 UPC code. Alternatively, you can ask Amazon to do it for you for a small fee by accessing the FBA Label Service and submitting your request.  For other types of peel and reveal labels that include bar codes look to companies like Primeflex.


It’s important, of course, to also comply with all the product packaging and safety requirements outlined by the FBA Label Service, so make sure you read all of their terms and conditions in full.