Unique Ways to Promote Your Business: The Effectiveness of Peel and Reveal Coupons

Coupon Product LabelsHave you heard about “peel and reveal” coupons offered by custom packaging Denver providers? These days they are considered to be one of the best methods for promoting quality products and introducing additional information to the product label without overcrowding it and overwhelming the buyer. The practice has caught on quickly when it was first implemented, and many manufacturers still use it successfully to promote their newest offers without inconveniencing their customers.


So what is a peel and reveal coupon anyway? It’s a type of coupon that is introduced as part of the product label to form a two-layer label that includes both the product information and valuable information about the discount and special offers associated with the coupon. Basically, you have the regular label, and once you peel it away, you get a coupon that can be used to follow various promotional offers.


This approach can be incredibly effective when it comes to promoting your offers and products. First of all, it gives the customer full control regarding whether or not they should opt for the coupon. Secondly, the hidden coupon will entice your customers, so that they’ll be compelled to peel and “reveal” the offer. Finally, this method will attract more customers who will be greatly interested in the discounts you have to offer, which translates into a lot more business for you.