Unique Design Ideas for Wine Labels

3 wine bottlesThe design of the label featured on a wine bottle is important for widely known and appreciated wines, but they are even more important for products that are newcomers on the highly competitive wine market. Given that bare wine bottles look almost the same, it is the label that will make your wine stand out and it is the label design that will convince the customer to grab your wine and buy it – here is how to create labels of maximum impact:

  • Choose a theme that represents you – classic, modern, funky, elegant, artsy and the list of themes can go on and on. Make sure the style that you pick is in harmony with the wine that you sell, too.
  • Personalize your label – add a family symbol, an illustration of your mansion or a little drawing that captures a moment in the wine making process to give your customers a glimpse of what you do.
  • Make it informative – the name of the wine, the year when the grape for it was harvested, the name of the variety or of the blend and the name of your winery are all very important.
  • Choose the right label size – use smaller labels on thinner, more delicate bottles and stick larger labels on larger wine bottles.

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