Unique Design Ideas For Wine Labels

Wine Labels Primeflex Design ideas

Connoisseurs or amateurs, we all choose, from time to time, a new wine to taste. Choosing a wine involves all the component elements of the visual: the graphic image, the name of the producer, the variety of wine and the year of harvest – all of them awakening, in each and every case, memories, associations or pure curiosity. Each bottle of wine is also a story (of taste, aroma, possible associations with other tastes…) but, more than that, it represents an association with places, people and traditions. It is all about connections between symbols and defining elements.

As a whole, the graphics of wine labels reflect the magic liquid in the glass, telling everything about its qualities, both through a wide range of technical references (year, variety, classification and so on), through stories – of the vineyard and of the producer – or through associations (with values – ethical, aesthetic, historical – all summed up on a relatively small surface, which makes the reading quite condensed).

Here are some of the most attractive labels released on the market in recent years, all over the world, which are based on unique design ideas:

Inkwell Rorschach

Just as each person sees in the Rorschach test drawings something else, the same wine feels different for each consumer.

Gut Oggau – Portrait

The wines resemble people because the wine has ages, complexity, character, and it can be playful or sober.

B Frank

Whether it is a gift for a new love, co-workers or an old friend, this label gives you the opportunity to express the reason why you have chosen this particular wine.  For wine labels and all your other label needs visit https://primeflex.com/.