Unique Design Ideas for Wine Labels

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Who loves wine? Everyone! From ancient civilizations to Sunday funday- wine is always around! Traveling? Enjoy some wine! Every continent boasts famous vineyards, each producing various sorts of wines: dry, sweet, white, red or bubbly. This means a high competition between wine brands. In order to stand out, they are looking at unique ways of packaging and labeling their products.


Here are some original label ideas for wine labels:


  1. Medieval Manuscript Style

In foods, age is not a good thing – with the exception of wine and other alcoholic drinks. Consumers love a well aged wine. If you want to make a good vintage stand out, choose a label that imitates a medieval parchment. Use adequate font (but make sure that it is easy to read) and your wine will certainly draw the buyers’ attention.


  1. Minimalist Style

Less is more in labeling when it comes to style. Some vineyards want to allow their customers to see the bright color of their wine, so they choose a transparent label with minimal writing and design elements. It is the case of the product selling itself by its merits.


  1. Pop Culture Style

Pop culture is not to be ignored. It has created iconic moments in terms of design of movie posters and music album covers. You can use one of these as inspiration for a wine label that will appeal to people engrossed in everything modern and popular.  Still wondering what type of label you need see https://primeflex.com/.


A lot of people will buy their wine solely by finding a fun label, so be sure to include your own beverage in the “cool label” category by choosing a great new product label from us! You can definitely be sure to stand out on a massive shelf of tons of different brands when you use one of our label services.