Uncommon Uses of Peel & Reseal Labels

Peel Back Labels Product Information

Peel and reseal or peel and reveal labels are a versatile labeling solution that can be used for a variety of applications beyond their traditional use in food and beverage packaging. Some of these uses may be uncommon and lesser known than others, but are still worth mentioning and considering, depending on what your business is more focused on.


Peel and reveal labels can be used for medical packaging, such as pill bottles or medical kits. The label can be used to provide instructions for use, dosage information, or safety warnings. Along the same lines, beauty and personal care products, such as shampoo or lotion bottles, are also a possible use due to the similar chemical or ingredient content of such products. The label can be used to provide instructions for use or ingredient information.


You’ll find that peel and reseal labels can be used for just about all types of chemicals and industrial products, such as cleaning supplies or lubricants. The label can be used to provide safety warnings, handling instructions, or technical specifications.


Even event tickets, such as those designed for concerts or sports events, can be created more easily using this type of labeling. The label can be used to provide information about the event or to include a promotional offer.


Finally, peel back labels can be used for promotional products, such as keychains or magnets. The label will be able to supply relevant information about the product or to include one or more promotional offers, depending on what your marketing strategy might entail.