Trends in Summertime Product Packaging

Summer Coloring Packaging

More and more companies nowadays choose to use season-specific product packaging to get closer to their customers – here are some of the major trends in summertime product packaging that you should know about:

  • Brighter colors and season-specific imagery – the list of the words that come to our mind when we hear the word summer will surely include picnic, beach, sun, heat, outdoor and these are the images that marketers use on their summertime packaging as well. The use of season-adequate images and color themes is an effective way to create the link between the product and the season in the consumer’s mind, thus encouraging purchases;
  • Adding fun – bold colors can be efficiently paired with bold messages and some playfulness on the packaging – while the combination is efficient in any season, paired with the bright colors of summer, it can be even more striking;
  • Functionality – another trend used by marketers to boost the efficiency of their summertime product packaging is to add more functionality and to attract attention with the help of unusual shapes and clever closures including flexible packaging options. In summer we move around more, so we need products that are easy to handle and using a shower gel that comes in a container that looks like a cocktail glass is great fun.