Trends in Digital Printing

digital printing trend labels

Innovations in conventional and digital printing technology have led the printing industry on an upward trend, favoring the implementation of different creative solutions.

Digital printing is making more and more room for the offset printing industry. Offset printing is still the most common printing technology, but the second most widely used is polychrome digital printing with toner, which, in addition to superior quality, provides standard accuracy, ease of use and efficient production.

Digital printing in general has a strong impact on all market sectors. The success of digital printing Denver production has created competition from commercial printing houses. At the same time, the number of converters in the packaging sector offering digital printing services has increased. Consequently, the production of digitally printed packaging is increasing every year.

It is estimated that there will be increases in the area of ​​color equipment, both in the office range and in the production range.

Environmental conservation is also becoming a responsibility of the printing industry, an attitude that has already generated considerable changes in the way they operate and will continue to do so. The printing industry is in a constant process of adopting green technologies, which have a low impact on the environment. These include the use of vegetable or soy-based ink, energy efficiency and the elimination of surplus materials that remain in stock.