Tips to Create Waterproof Packaging for Liquids

small waterproof digital printing packaging

Packaging liquids, whether perishable and destined for consumption or for other uses, is a complex process that requires special attention. Liquids need to be packaged in a way that not only prevents the leaking of the liquid, but also the penetration of water and other contaminants from the outside – here are some options:

  • Use the right material – many products, such as aggressive cosmetics like acetone used for nail polish removing purposes, will melt certain plastics, such as PET, therefore they must be packaged into containers made from materials that they do not interact with, such as PVC or glass;
  • Get the shape right – liquids can be packed in pouches, bottles, jars, even into cardboard boxes. Before you pick the shape of your packaging, consider how your products will be transported, stored and used and choose the solution that comes with lowest risk of mechanical damage;
  • Consider both safety and usability – you might think that the two sturdiest and safest packaging materials for liquids are steel and glass. The two solutions are great, indeed, but most steel and glass containers are cumbersome to use, expensive to manufacture and their production also has a large environmental footprint. Flexible packaging solutions from digital printing Colorado companies, especially the ones that use strong, eco-friendly materials are great replacements for these traditional materials – they will not only ensure that the packaging of your liquid product is waterproof, but they will also tell your customers that you care for your environment.