Tips for Designing Successful Custom Labels

Designing Custom LabelsCustomized label designs are essential for providing customers with important information about your product as well as for branding, so here are a few tips that can help you create the best label design for your merchandise:

  • Take your time to do your homework – the shapes and colors that you use on your labels all carry messages and the wording of the text you add to inform your customers about the most important features of your product are all essential for success, so make sure you know exactly what message you want to convey with your label.
  • Determine the shape and the size of your label – you can decide to wrap the entire container into one large label, you can choose to have a label in the front and one in back, each of them offering different details or you can have just one labels to say it all, so experiment with various designs to find the perfect fit.
  • Add artwork, but keep it simple – use an image that represents your company as well as your product, but avoid labels crowded with graphic elements and make sure the fonts match the style of the image as well. Search to see if one of the newer options of flexible packaging are suitable for the product.
  • Work with a pro – hiring a graphic artist to design your label can be costly, but it is worth it, especially if you don’t have experience in using complex graphic software.