Tips For Designing Seasonally-Themed Labels

Themed Labels Peel And Reveal

Labels detail and explain the visual identity of the product and are essential for informing consumers and triggering their purchase decision. Labels create a connection between the product and the consumer. In addition to an exceptional design, with distinctive elements characteristic to the brand, the labels must contain mandatory objective information required by law and relevant for the consumers through the use of peel back labels and others, but also subjective information, in order to influence the customer’s purchasing decision.

Labels can be customized according to the season, but it is essential that the design maintains the consistent style of the brand.

Changing your packaging can be an expensive gamble, but seasonal labels and packaging can boost your sales considerably during the targeted time of the year. Gift giving occasions include Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween etc., but there are also prompting occasions during the year, such as winter = cold and flu season, Spring = spring cleaning etc. You can take advantage of any of these to design seasonal-themed labels for your product.

Seasonally-themed labels create a positive brand image and encourage consumers to purchase your product during the holiday season. Your brand must create excitement and tell a story through that little label; this will encourage people to purchase by impulse and also generate brand loyalty.

Creating a friendly and festive label is not easy because you have to keep your brand’s message and aesthetic, while redesigning the label to reflect the feeling of the holidays. Besides, you must also consider what your competitors are doing this same season, evaluate different opportunities and take advantage of them.