Tips for Deciding on Packaging for Your Product

Tips for peel reveal packaging

The exterior appearance of your product is just as essential as the quality of the product, therefore your choices about the shapes, the colors and the text that you use on your product bottles, boxes, cans or other types of containers are essential for your brand’s success and your product’s packaging is also a great tool for engaging your customers, for telling them your story, for transmitting your message. Here are some aspects to consider when making packaging-related decisions:

  • Physical features of the product – the size, shape, consistency and fragility of your product will determine the packaging type and material that you can use with the product;
  • Your customers – the age, the gender, the disposable income of your customer base will determine the graphics as well as the text that appears on the packaging. The best way to make sure that your design does appeal to your targeted audience is to research the shapes and colors they resonate with and to find out about the type of message that they respond to;
  • Information required by the law – whatever the type of the product that you sell, there is a set of information that must be displayed on your packaging using peel and reveal labels if necessary. Pay increased attention to such legal requirements – non-compliance with the law can cost you a lot.