Tips for Choosing the Right Materials for Your New Labels

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The packaging and the labeling solutions that you use with your products are as important as the quality of your products, therefore they need to be designed carefully, with many factors in mind. The design of your labels is largely determined by the type of material that you use for manufacturing those labels, so here are a few things that you should know about the most common materials used for printing product labels:

  • White paper – available in a number of finish variations, glossy and matte being easily accessible options, white paper labels are the most common types used these days, suitable for any product and a great option for displaying the information required by law as well as the important details that the marketer wishes to share.
  • Brown paper – the best and most popular solution for products that are intended to have a handmade appearance.
  • Films – made from a variety of plastics, film labels are considered by many to be the most versatile options; they are suitable for executing any design and great for modern packaging solutions, such as flexible packaging. The material works great for very creative labels, as well as for peel and reveal solutions.  It’s best to find a product label company near me to discuss the options and different materials available for packaging and labels.