Things to Know about Foil Enhanced Labels

Foil Cannabis Labels

Foil enhanced labels are labels that use pieces of shiny or matte foil to highlight design components, such as parts of the logo or the name of the product, thus creating a more luxurious, richer brand image. Here are some of the things that you should know about these attractive labelling solutions:

  • Foils cannabis labels. Foil enhanced labels are suitable for any product and for almost any material – there is no product that could not benefit from styling elements that attract the attention of potential buyers and you can find the right foil application solution for any packaging and labelling material;
  • They enhance existing designs – foil can be used to highlight design elements, to make colors more vibrant and to increase the resistance of your labels, but one of the reasons why the solution is so popular these days is the added elegance;
  • They are quick and easy to make – digital printing and cutting technologies make the creation, the manufacturing and the application of foil onto labels fast and accurate;
  • A wider range of design options – the foil used on labels can be colored, transparent, textured or plain, so using foil on your labels will expand your design options and will give your designer more creative space.  There are many products that can be designed using foil enhanced labels, see