Things Consumers Expect from Your Product Packaging

When consumers evaluate the products they use or are planning to buy, they assess not only the product itself, but its packaging as well. The quality and the features of the packaging being integral parts of the overall product image, here are some of the things that consumers expect of well-designed, good-quality packaging:

  • A simple, but eye-catching design – an attractive package design can significantly contribute to the success of any product. The design needs to be informative of the product contained offering extended content labels when needed and it needs to tell the consumer about the manufacturer’s brand as well;
  • Quality materials – good packaging is made from sturdy materials, especially in the case of products used for longer periods;
  • Suitable for the product contained – the packaging must be designed with the product inside in mind. If the product is sensitive to the exposure to air, moisture or light, the packaging needs to be able to seal properly and to protect the product;
  • User-friendly and comfort features – resealable or reusable features make the product inside more popular and the brand more appreciated. Easy opening is also a requirement – packaging that can be opened only with a knife or scissors will disappoint consumers and could drive them to buy products that use consumer-friendly packaging.