The Types of Packages That Could Benefit from Custom Labels

Custom Labels PrintingCustom labels are among the most efficient marketing tools available today – a well-designed label has instant impact on the customer, it creates an instant mental link between the packaging and the product contained, therefore it is an essential component in any branding arsenal. However, not all types of product packages can benefit from custom labels – for example packaging that already carries a specific design, such as the cardboard boxes used for packaging household appliances that already include artwork, logos, product information and catch phrases would be unnecessarily overloaded if a custom label were added, too.

If you are currently considering creating custom labels for your products, here are a few types of packages that can use them:

  • Plain bottles, bags or boxes – if your packaging is transparent or of a single color, without any text or logo displayed on the packaging itself;
  • Additional information – if you use the same packaging across your product line and you need a way to distinguish your products or if you already have product-related details printed directly on the package, but you need to add extra information. For instance the marijuana packaging labels Colorado printing companies do require different labels;
  • Promotions – if you want to launch a promotional campaign, additional custom labels are the easiest way to inform your customers about the promotion.