The True Benefits of Peel and Reveal Labels

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If you have already seen peel and reveal labels, but you have not used them on your own products yet, here is why your custom label printing partner will probably recommend you to switch to the solution as soon as possible:

  • Excellent for saving space – while sometimes you can see peel and reveal labels used on large products as well, small products are the ones that can really benefit from the solution. These special peel back labels solutions consist of multiple layers, each of which contains valuable information without taking up valuable space on the packaging. The option allows the marketers of small sized products to provide much more information to their customers than before.
  • Playfulness – another important benefit of peel and reveal labels is that they tap into the playful side of your existing and potential customers. When your buyers look at your label, they will instantly notice that the information they first take in is far from being all that you want to share and they will be intrigued to move on to the next layer of the label, then to the next and the next. That kind of playfulness is a great way to make your brand memorable and to make your customers want to buy your product again and again.