The Psychology of Packaging – Appearance vs. Function”

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If you go down any supermarket aisle or if you walk into any kind of shop or store, you will see thousands of different products placed neatly on the shelves. Whatever product category you are looking at, you will surely see dozens of products that fulfil the role that you need, one of the most important factors that customers use one deciding which product to prefer being the packaging.

The immense competition faced by marketers in any niche has radically transformed the way that packaging solutions are approached by the marketers as well as by the customers, the two most important aspects to address with any packaging solution being appearance and functionality. It is not enough to have a product package that is attractive or a product package that is functional – marketers can use their packaging solutions to increase their revenues only if those solutions are able to fulfil both requirements. The requirement to get packaging that fulfills such a double role has also changed the way that custom label printing companies and the designers of packaging materials and solutions approach the tasks that they are in charge of. Label printing is no longer the process of creating those dyna stickers that provide the basic information about the product at hand. modern labels inform the customer while also making an important design statement through colors and shapes that resonate with the customer’s psyche. The same is true for packaging as well – the boxes, bottles, pouches and other sachet pouch printing solutions used for packaging products need to be practical and easy to use while also being able to deliver the brand’s message and mission.