The Most Popular Fonts Used in Product Packaging and Labeling

Popular FontsWhen it comes to printing labels and packaging paper, it’s important to consider the fonts you use to convey information or to type the price, product descriptions and the names of your products.

While it might not seem like it’s something very important, considering the font style and size is very crucial, since a better font will not only promote better readability, but also help catch the customer’s eye when they’re browsing through similar products.

The fonts you choose need to have the following qualities:

  • They have to attract attention.
  • They need to promote the look of the product and the general feel of the brand.
  • They have to make your texts easy to read.

These three qualities are essential, and they are what makes the following fonts so special.

Futura, Pacifico and Chunk Five can all be used directly on the folding carton, because they look very imposing and clear, especially in their bolder versions.

For litho-laminating and making your packaging look cool, you can choose fonts such as Nexa Light to offer your packaging a more modern look, or Seaside Resort, for the full 3D effect.

Finally, when it comes to labeling, you will find you have a lot more options to choose from. Giveny, Belinda, Coldiac and Wonderlust are just some of the ones that most of the manufacturers who are already established on the market would recommend.  Contact for more packaging options.