The Most Important Requirements and Trends for Labeling Marijuana and CBD Products

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Even though they are considered “normal” products in many places, marijuana and CBD are still associated with many restrictions and issues that you have to be completely aware of if you want to sell these types of products.


For instance, the FDA is heavily active in regulating any false claims that are printed on the label of these products, and manufacturers are also required to display their ingredients and disclosure of material facts very clearly. So, if the cannabis packaging labels Colorado printing company creates don’t abide by these requirements, you could quickly get in trouble.


The labeling trends and package styles have to take these details into account, and they also tend to follow the tendencies outlined below:


  • An “alternative medicine” look that typically makes CBD products seem more acceptable;
  • Palettes based on colors such as brown, white and green that tend to be associated with an “earthy,” natural feel;
  • Sporty, dark colors and high contrast graphics geared not only toward attracting attention, but also toward catering to the male segment of the population – an approach many manufacturers tend to prefer nowadays;
  • Multi-color palettes for product labels, combined with interesting shapes – such as conical bottle shapes – that are designed to make the product stand out and give it a fun and unique look at the same time.