The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Custom Label Printing

Custom Labels Printing

Custom label printing has become a very popular habit among product suppliers, regardless of whether they provide food products or anything else. Your custom label will not only help you drive more sales, but also assist with issues regarding customers being able to identify your products and get vital information about them, so that they can make an informed choice.


So here are a few frequently asked questions about custom label printing that you should know the answer to, before considering printing your custom labels:


  • How should you get started? When it comes to custom labels, it’s important to provide all the information you can about your product and ask that the company be as thorough as possible about including it.
  • How should the artwork be included? It’s also a good idea to talk to the company about any artwork or photographs you’ll want to add to your label, including whether or not you want them to provide it.
  • What does “free space” mean in custom label design? If a piece of text or an image is too close to the edge of the label, it could get trimmed off when the customer cuts the label to open the packaging. As a result, a certain amount of free space will be required between the content and the edge, to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • Does the company provide free samples? Before accepting any company that wants to do your product labels, make sure you see their work beforehand, and that you’re satisfied with the style and quality.

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