The Main Rules of Aesthetic for Creating Cannabis Labels

Do's and Don'ts Packaging Labels Marijuana

Whether you’re selling edibles, concentrates or any other type of cannabis product, it’s very important that you pay great attention to what your labels will communicate. There are a lot of legal considerations regarding marijuana packaging Colorado labels, especially regarding the correct depiction of ingredients and dosages, but also with regards to not adding any misleading information.


Despite all this, the aesthetic factor of creating cannabis labels is also very important. A lot of manufacturers will stick to a simplistic design featuring colors such as green on white and black or brown writing. However, you’ll find that once you covered all the legal constraints, the sky is the limit as to how sophisticated, simple or unique your labels can be in terms of their appearance.


Variations on the cannabis leaf can be used to depict the fact that it’s a cannabis product, but you’re not necessarily restricted to show a clear cut version of the leaf. Using additional colors, unique effects, texture patterns and entire color palettes that would normally seem to have nothing to do with cannabis can be acceptable.


Labels can also include catchy fonts, simplified versions of your logo, unique symbols and designs that point to the fact that you’re selling 100% natural products, as well as many other interesting patterns and graphics to captivate the attention of your buyers.