The Lesser Known Advantages of Using Peel and Reveal Labels

Advantage Piggy Back Label Peel Reveal Product Information


Most business owners already know about the advantages of a piggyback label and peel and reveal labels. These labels feature multiple layers that can sometimes be used to either showcase additional information after purchase, or to reveal where a product has to go during production. Many already know that the labels in question can be extremely practical when you want your manufacturing process to go smoothly, or you’re looking to ensure that your clients receive all the most important information about the product.


One of the lesser known advantages of these types of labels is that they can take up only a fraction of the space they’d normally need. In many cases, you can use the extra space on the box to showcase graphics, promote additional offers or give important information about your company.


During production, no one can check ahead and see what the next part of the peel and reveal label will show. As a result, you can use that fact to your advantage in order to include multiple checks at different stages of the manufacturing process that would normally confuse your employees. Because of the gradual reveal of the required processes, there won’t be any confusion.


Finally, peel and reveal labels can be introduced as “official” stickers that buyers can remove from the bag or box and place on the product itself in order to recognize its validity as a product that came from your company – either for warranty purposes, or just as a marketing initiative on your part.