The Latest Innovations in Packaging Technology that You Should Know About

Flexible labels

The custom packaging Denver industry and everywhere really is in constant change, trying to meet the changing demands regarding the shapes, the materials and the functions fulfilled by product wrappers. Product packaging is no longer just a container that protects the product inside – it needs to provide information, to generate and consolidate consumer interest towards the product contained and it needs to do all these in an environment-friendly and cost-efficient way. These exacting demands can be met only with permanent innovation – here are some of the latest technologies used to produce modern product packaging:

  • Convenient packaging – solutions that allow consumers to open and close the packaging on the go are becoming widespread. Pouches come with resealable closures, jars come with child-proof caps that are also easy to open and close and dosage control techniques are also more and more in demand;
  • Interactive features – thermal-sensitive labels that change color to inform customers about the temperature of the product inside, instant redeemable coupons and multi-layered, scratch-off labels that encourage consumer action, playful solutions such as packaging that emit light are also becoming more and more popular;
  • Green solutions – new, sustainable materials are introduced all the time in the packaging industry, biodegradable plastic and polymers that are cheap to manufacture and to recycle are just two examples.