The Important Balance Between Fun and Professional Looking Product Labels

CBD LabelsWhile we might look at the picture of a smiling child or a cute dog on the back of a product, it’s important to realize that the label we are looking at was created both to inform and to delight us with cute pictures. The perfect balance between the two can be obtained with the interest of creating a label that captures the interest of both right and left brained customers.


While some will be looking to buy your product because of its useful features, others will always remain impulse buyers, and the only reason they’ll choose your product over the competition’s products is because you might have a picture they really like, this can be true for an individual cbd product label to get the buyers attention.


This approach to impulse buying is not always understood, and marketers aren’t always able to see just how deep it goes into our collective psyche. Imagination and visualization both play a very important role, as does the emotional reaction that people typically have to certain types of images and symbols. This reaction can be born out of direct perception, as well as the indirect, intellectual reaction to the sight of a certain image.


So, in other words, you’ll find that even people who follow logical reasoning to find the best products can be more or less guided by impulse. They will be triggered by factual data and information about ingredients just the same as a child might be triggered by the image of colorful, smiling fruits and veggies.


Ultimately, all these facts need to be kept in mind when you design your label, and the best of both worlds have to be used, if you truly want your brand to be successful.