The Importance of Using Shrink Bands for Product Protection and Freshness

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For just about any kind of product that can easily go bad after being taken out of its sealed container, the use of shrink bands can be extremely efficient. These bands act as a secondary protection element in case the seal is broken or improperly placed, and you’ve probably already seen them a lot on jam jars, various bottles, cosmetic products and many other types of items.


Deciding whether your products should have shrink bands or not is essentially an issue of whether or not you might face complaints and safety issues when your products are delivered with a damaged seal. In some cases, it’s possible that you’d only face some backlash from a few unsatisfied customers. However, depending on how important it is (for health and safety purposes) for your product to be delivered with a proper seal, it’s also possible for some of your customers to get sick because of using a product that has actually gone bad before its expiration date.


Shrink bands can help prevent that from happening. With two safety elements keeping the seal in place, it is less likely that both of them would fail on the same product, unless it was dropped during delivery or damaged in some other obvious way. However, if that’s the case, your customers will probably notice the problem and you can reimburse them or replace it, before they have to deal with any other inconveniences.  Find product label and seal solutions at