The Future of Packaging: Extended Content Labels

Primeflex Labels Informational


There are different types of extended content labels that will surely become more and more popular, because they meet the increasing needs of information for customers without having to use tiny fonts.

Extended content labels offer more space for creativity, information and promotions.


Booklet labels

Booklet labels present product information clearly and conveniently. They can be applied to the product with or without the basic label and combine a variety of advantages in a compact form:

  • Multiple pages for complete product information
  • Resealable tab for permanent use
  • Braille printing
  • Attractive text and design
  • Permanent application on a wide variety of substrates and product forms
  • Integration of security and originality features


Leporello (fan-folded) labels

These labels offer a lot of space for attractive promotions, information or entertainment. They are like folding mini-brochures, which can be applied directly on the product or on a basic label, and have a tangible and attractive effect:

  • Revealing the entire area of information
  • Resealable coating tab for permanent use
  • Attractive text and design
  • Application on a wide variety of substrates and product forms
  • Ideal for direct promotions on the product (inserts, unique codes, cross-selling, etc.)


Peal and reseal labels

These labels are composed of several pages located on top of each other, which can be opened and closed over and over again, individually. They are discreet and effective, allowing:

  • Permanent placement of information directly on the product
  • More space for an attractive design

No matter what type of product label you are needing, checking with companies like Primeflex Labels Inc., will prove to be very beneficial in the type and design of your labels.