The Consequences of Getting Frozen Food Labels Wrong

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Frozen foods can be hard to label. The labeling process can sometimes go wrong, and this can have serious consequences for the profitability and success of your business. For instance, one common mistake is that of improperly made packaging.

When frozen food is labeled incorrectly, this wastes money and can be costly to fix. It is very important to use the right products for your labels, such as low migration adhesives, varnishes and inks. The food may often be packaged in films which are incorrect from the barrier point of view.

When food labels are inconsistent and confusing, this can lead to many problems. Given the current environment of eliminating waste, it is important that expiration dates are clearly stated to inform customers about the exact time the food is safe to eat. There are legal requirements that, in most states, spell out health information, minimum daily requirements, as well as caloric intake.

One look at a landfill will tell you that the largest type of waste is food. A common reason for this is labels do not make it clear about the exact expiration date to remind consumers when it is safe to consume those products.  For some of the most thorough Denver printing specialists with experience look to to avoid labeling issues.