The Challenges of Labeling Frozen Foods: Solutions from Experts

Frozen Food Label Solutions Digital Printing PackagingThere are special labels for frozen products, which differ from the usual labels used in the market. If a product is placed on the shelf, under normal conditions of humidity and temperature it does not need a special label, however, a frozen product requires more attention to this aspect.

Whether we are talking about ice cream, smoothies, or another type of frozen product such as pizza, pie sheets, frozen nuggets, etc. – all these products need a durable packaging, accompanied by good quality labels with deep freeze glue.

Specialists suggest BOPP roll labels. They are resistant to storage conditions specific to freezers or refrigerators, as well as to other humid environments. They also allow for a friendly design and are easily noticeable by consumers.

BOPP labels are made of biorylentated polypropylene, transparent, white or metallic. You can opt for a matte or glossy lamination, as both are possible on this type of material, which is as resistant as possible to low temperatures. You can also opt for transparent BOPP labels, so that the design of your product will stand out much more easily.

Another type of labels suitable for frozen products are heat-adhesive labels. They too are available in rolls of various sizes that are intended for direct thermal printing.  Some of the best options can be produced by a digital printing Colorado company with years of experience in many types of printing and packaging solutions.