The Best Labels to Use for Oil-Based Products

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Custom Labels

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Oil-based products require special attention in terms of labeling – any product that is greasy or oily can deteriorate the quality of the labels used on the packaging and even the thinnest film of oil on the exterior side of the package can cause severe adhesion problems as well as damage to the label’s appearance in the form of spots and smudges. Basically, label materials fall into two categories: paper and film, with films being usually considered more suitable for oily products. Here are the features of film-based labels:

  • Resistance to liquids – film labels are unaffected by spills, staying attractive and durable even when exposed to water-based or oily substances;
  • Available in many types – the films used for making labels can be opaque, white, transparent, matte or shiny, so you can be sure that you will be able to find the type of foil that best matches your packaging design;
  • Pricing – be prepared that foil is more expensive than paper, but the slightly higher initial costs are quickly offset by safe usage.

To ensure secure fixing, pay attention to the CBD product label adhesives, too – the glue that you use to fix your labels on the package also needs to be special, offering safe adhesion even if the surface on which it will be used is not completely grease-free;