The Benefits of Using Peel & Reveal Labels for Your Vape Products

peel back labels primeflex

Peel and reveal labels are peel back labels that consist of multiple layers that need to be peeled off one by one to reveal the information on the next label. The solution is suitable for any type of product and it works best on products that are small, with very limited space available on the packaging for displaying important information related to the product and the manufacturer. One of the product types that can benefit the most from this ingenious labelling solution is vaping products – here is how:

  • Everything that your customer needs to know about your product is in one place – peel and reveal labels can have up to five layers, a feature that allows marketers to segment and categorize information and to provide all the important details in a structured way;
  • The customer’s interest captivated in a playful way – peeling the layers of a peel and reveal label is like a treasure hunt, each new layer will reveal new information and the peeling process will bring out the inner child;
  • Varied material options – the materials that you can choose for your special labels is varied;
  • Enhanced readability – not having to cram all the important details of your product into one sheet allows you to use larger letter in your text.