The Benefits of Peal and Reveal Packaging

Peel And Reveal Labels

Peel and reveal packaging offers additional space for displaying product information. It is a new and very trendy solution that adds value to your product.

These types of labels have a top layer that can be detached to reveal important information underneath. They are self-adhesive and can have two or more layers. The upper layers can be removed, while the base layer permanently adheres to the desired surface.

Peel and reveal labels are often used by pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, food producers, household appliance producers, but also by advertising agencies, educational institutions, or survey research institutes that use coupons for various reasons. Industrial applications also include chemical boxes, in which peal and reveal packaging discloses important safety instructions.

Peal and reveal packaging must be designed with FDA approved adhesive that ensures easy removal of the layers, without sticky residues.

One of the main benefits of peal and reveal labels and packaging is saving space by presenting information in a compact and organized way. Many labels are too small to display all the required information on a certain product, but with peel and reveal solutions you can forget about this problem. These labels also attract attention, because it can be intriguing to discover what hides underneath.