The Art of Preventing Counterfeit Products with Your Product Label

unique labels content extended labelsUnique product labels can offer a lot of benefits. Aside from being able to convey a clear message to the buyer, get their attention through appealing graphics, and inform them about the characteristics or ingredients of your products with the use of extended content labels, it can also ensure that the product you sell will be known as uniquely manufactured or sold by your company – so that any counterfeit products will be easily identified.


Manufacturers of counterfeit products can mimic your label’s graphics and text. However, there are elements that they cannot imitate successfully:


  • Visible and/or invisible watermarks can be introduced into the graphics to ensure that the label can’t easily be imitated.
  • Unique 2D bar codes can also be added, ensuring that each label is unique and can easily be used to identify the specific batch and product that went off your assembly line.
  • Other unique elements that can be used to determine whether or not a product in question came from your company also include microtext, holograms and forensic taglines. The latter use actual materials that are invisible to the naked eye, and that will only be identified through the use of advanced reading systems or through laboratory analysis.


Such means might seem extreme, but when you’re running a large operation, you cannot be too careful. While your products can be imitated using cheap materials and low quality labor, you’ll find that the use of unique products labels can help you effectively prevent counterfeit products from causing your company any harm.