The Advantages of Using Peel and Reveal Labels on Your Products

Peel and Reveal LabelsA peel and reveal label is a label consisting of multiple layers, with a top layer that can be easily removed to reveal the information contained on the layer beneath. These small labels can be applied on any type of product and they have great informative and marketing potential as well – here are some of the most important benefits of using such labels on your items:

  • A space saving solution – peel and reveal labels allow you to multiply the amount of information passed on to your customers without having to cover a large part of the product packaging in labels. One of the most common way to use peel and reveal is to display the name of the product on the top layer and product details, such as ingredients or nutrition facts on the bottom layer.  The custom label printing Denver companies offer peel and reveal as well as other label options.
  • A playful way to captivate attention – peeling off the top layer of the label is like hunting for treasures. The process activates the inner child, so using peel and reveal solutions is an excellent way to run promotions, including coupon promotions and campaigns that offer instantly redeemable awards, prizes or giveaways.
  • Varied technical solutions for high-quality labels – peel and reveal labels are made from many different materials and they are suitable for boxes, cans, bottles and other types of containers as well.