Tamper Proof Labels For Jarred Goods

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Tamper-resistant packaging is not mandatory for regular products, but it does not mean that you should not use it.

Tamper proof labels can provide extra customer safety, therefore if you want to enhance customer experience and make sure that your business is perceived as reliable, you should definitely use them. Tamper proof labels for jarred goods ensure a stress-free experience for your consumers, because they seal the containers and show whether any product has been opened. With these labels, you prove your customers that you care about their safety and their interaction with your goods – and that is why you are doing this extra effort.

There are several types of tamper proof labels.

  • Skinny labels glued around the lid and the body of the jar, known as Jar & Bag Seals. Additionally, these labels provide more room to promote your brand, or offer extra information (ingredients, recipes, social media page names etc.).
  • Perforated safety tabs

This is a type of cautionary seal in the form of extra label material overlapping with the lid and attached using a perforation.

  • Void Labels

Such a label looks like a plain silver label, but it can be removed and it leaves behind a secondary label layer which reads “Void.” Void labels can be used to add information, marketing messages and more.  Find the best digital printing Colorado company for all of your product label needs.