Taking Care of Your Labels: How You Can Fix Label Color Issues

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It’s not all that easy to deal with labels. When your labels and extended content labels have to be perfect to allow customers to read everything and to impress them as part of your new marketing campaign, it’s very important to make sure that every detail, from the font type to the colors, will appear exactly as you want them to.


Color issues are actually quite frequent when it comes to labels, and they do have some easy fixes. However, you might need to modify your label at least partially in order to get some labels properly adjusted.


There are a number of times when color problems can arise. The most obvious one happens when you haven’t thought out the design, and the finished product looks somewhat different from what you envisioned. In that case, making slight modifications to the color and graphics might be required at a design phase, or you can consider the use of patchwork elements like additional labels and stickers to fix a batch of labels that were already printed poorly.


Of course, the best way to deal with the problem is to prevent it. To do that, take the precaution of asking the provider of your labels to send you a sample, so you can actually see what it looks like on the finished product. Any color discrepancies resulting from the design or from the fact that the color looks different on paper than on the computer screen can be fixed with just a few simple modifications in the design software.