Taking a Closer Look at the Top 5 Product Trends for 2021

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2021 is looking to be an interesting year to say the least. With COVID-19 restrictions still being strongly upheld in most places, the economic focus is on the digital market, as many companies are turning towards technology and the internet to support social distancing and stay in operation despite all the restrictions imposed on their industries.


In light of this situation, it’s important to look ahead at the most prevalent and popular product trends that 2021 promises to bring:


  1. Connectivity will be big in 2021, as the rise of improved Bluetooth and magnetic USB cable technologies seems to show.
  2. You can expect home fitness equipment to sell like hot cakes. People still need to exercise even if they spend most of their time at home these days.
  3. Pillows are becoming increasingly popular and frequently sold on the online market, no doubt because of the significantly increased anxiety that 2020 has brought.
  4. “Re-commerce” (or second hand commerce) is expected to emerge at a greater rate in 2021, as a larger number of people will be searching for affordable wares and seeking to purchase them cheap on the internet.
  5. Premium private label brands are emerging with new strategies to sell premium products to markets that manufacturers and retailers hadn’t even considered in previous years.  As with all products finding a digital printing Denver company with expertise to produce labels is a must.