Successfully Hunting for a Job in Denver – the Importance of Strategy

man applying for a job on the internetThe Denver job market is highly competitive, therefore successful job hunting here is much, much more than preparing a resume, sending it out to as many companies as you can find, then hoping to get invited to an interview. It is a process that requires a strategic approach – if you think you can do with a few pieces of advice about how to make your job search more structured and more efficient, here are our top tips:


  • Adjust your resume to meet the requirements specified in the job ad you are applying to – it is hard work and it takes a lot of time and energy, but customizing your resume each time you apply for a job is the best way to show prospective employers that you are the perfect candidate. Submitting a resume for a business like a earth friendly Colorado Label company is much different than applying for a job at a local rubber company that is not so earth friendly.
  • Write a customized cover letter – write a separate cover letter to each potential employer. Make sure you highlight all the skills, qualities and experience that is relevant for the job that you want, but don’t repeat the information in the resume.
  • Branding yourself – many employers check the online background of the applicants, including profiles on social media. Make sure that they will not find anything you don’t want them to find and update your profiles on job board and networking sites as well.


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