Special Requirements for Cannabis Labels

Cannabis Labels Requirements Packaging Specifications


Since the legalization of the cannabis, there are lots of dispensaries opening up around the country, where you can find cannabis as well as various cannabis products. All of them are required to be packed and labeled properly, according to the regulations and guidelines existing at the federal level.

State regulations may vary slightly, but there are some common denominators. FDA’s guidelines for labeling food products or cosmetic products constitute a great place to begin.

When it comes to the design of cannabis packaging labels Colorado businesses provide, you should know that they should not look in any way like the labels of commercially available products such as candy, snacks, etc. Also, they should look neutral and not appealing to children in any way (no bright colors, no cartoon characters, etc.).

Cannabis labels must include the brand logo and statement of identity, net contents and weight, as well as the amount of active ingredients (mg per serving, per package). Other applicable information, such as the daily value percentage, the serving size etc. must also be listed, in a way that makes them easy to read.

Cannabis labels must also include warnings that may include: “For medical use only”, The product may impair a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle”, “For use exclusively by adults, etc.