Similar Alternatives to Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel Back Labels Popular

Peel back labels are a popular choice among business owners. Nevertheless, there are also some good alternatives to be aware of.  One, for instance, is extended labels, which come in the form of booklets. This solution is very good if your products do not have the required space for presenting all the information necessary. These type of labels are often found on agricultural, pharmaceutical or chemical products.

Booklet labels can take several different names, such as page labels, expansion labels, fold-out labels, expanded content labels, and so on. There are many uses for booklet labels, including that of providing instructions and other essential data about certain products. Promotional campaigns can be another popular use.

It is vitally important to utilize proper labeling to attract the eye of customers, while also ensuring that all vital information is present and easily read by the client. By colors, layout and creative marketing, labels draw attention and can increase sales. The proper design & style, used consistently, can also build brand loyalty over time and help your customers instantly recognize your products from afar.

Labels can also use humor to draw attention and bring about closer inspection. Labels can use color, characters, cartoons and word play to increase sales and customer retention.