Should Your Business Switch Your Labels with The Season?

Switching product labels seasonally can be an excellent, very efficient marketing tool for certain products, but it may be unnecessary for others – if your product line includes seasonal products, such as beverages offered in various tastes, some of which feature flavors for the winter period, while others are refreshing, summer flavors, differentiating them with seasonal labels is very useful, but if you market car parts or exclusive marijuana packaging Colorado now has, such differentiation would only incur unnecessary costs. Here are a few types of products that can be sold much more efficiently in seasonal packaging:

  • Beverages and sweets – candies, chocolate bars, soda products, fruit and vegetable juices can all benefit from packaging designed for specific seasons, most notably summer and winter;
  • Cooking ingredients – products typically used as ingredients for foods associated with certain holidays can also be sold better wrapped in seasonal packaging. Castor sugar, for example, is a major ingredient of heavy, chocolaty Christmas cakes and it is also used for creating airy, fruity cakes in summer, so using different package design for the two seasons makes all the sense;
  • Cosmetics products – the same goes for shower gels meant to be comforting when it is freezing outside and product lines designed to be cooling and refreshing on hot summer days.