Should You Switch to Canning Your Beer?

digital printing beer can labeling

If your brewery has been using bottles for packaging, but you are currently contemplating switching to cans, here are some aspects that you should know about before making the switch:

  • Your beer will maintain its taste better – beer cans seal more tightly than bottles, therefore the product contained is less exposed to air that could alter the taste;
  • Safer, cheaper shipping – beer cans are much lighter than glass bottles and they are also more resistant, therefore you can load your shipping trucks more efficiently and save money. The metal sheets that beer cans are made from are more resistant to impact, therefore you will loose fewer items during transport than in the case of beer packaged in glass bottles;
  • The costs – a beer canning machine might seem like a huge investment, in most cases much higher than the investment required to get a bottling machine, but the materials used for canning are cheaper, so your new packaging will be cheaper on the long run. You can also choose to outsource the canning to a specialized packaging company or you can turn to a mobile canning company – a great solution for craft breweries with a small to moderate output.  For unbeatable labeling services look to one of the best in digital printing Colorado offers.