Say More with Extended Labels

piggy back extended label

A great way to include additional information that can’t fit on a standard size label is to use extended labels. These types of product labels are often used when the required product information is too much and you need additional layers or pages to include less important but still relevant information that can’t fit on the top page.


Similar to peel-and-reveal labels, an extended piggyback label can actually have more pages as well, but they can also be resealed after you open them to read the details they contain. That makes them somewhat more practical, for example if you want the transport company or retailer to be able to view all the information and reseal it for the customer without damaging the label.


The surface area for extended labels can be expanded quite a bit, with multiple lower levels telling more about the product and adding things like regulatory information, special offer content, or important information about your manufacturing company.


These types of labels can also work well for products that are used in the pharmaceutical industry, or special supplements sold over the counter. They can showcase information about side effects, health hazards, warnings and various other details that could be relevant or required by law to be included in the label. Overall, you’ll find extended labels to be exceptional tools for informing your customers without using a large surface area.