Questions To Ask Your Custom Label Printer

Questions To Ask Label Printer


A label is a very strong selling point if it is well-designed. Let`s not forget that the visual information is the most important for customers, so a product that looks good on the outside will be sold better. In this context, investing in quality and creative labels for your products is a very smart decision.

The first thing you have to do is to find a reliable custom label printer who can bring your design to life and make your products stand out especially when it comes to the marijuana packaging labels Colorado produces. Here are a few questions you should ask to ensure you collaborate with the right label press.

What is your experience in printing labels?

You need a professional printer who can answer your questions and guide you through the entire process, recommending you printing techniques and materials suited for your project. Ask for a portfolio and browse through the samples of printed labels. Someone who does this business for a long time is typically established, more experienced, open to ideas and equipped for high volumes of printing requirements.

Can you offer the type of label I need?

You may want a flexographic or self-adhesive labeling solution, so make sure you ask the printer about the equipment they use and whether they can meet your needs. Top quality label presses should be able to offer not only different labeling solutions, but also a variety of finishing touches.

How about the turnaround time?

Be upfront with your expectations, especially if you are on a deadline, and make sure the printer provides efficient turnaround time.