Questions to Ask Your Custom Label Printer

Questions Label Printing Company Denver

If for you, labels seem like just some stickers, think again. Within the broader context of your marketing strategy, labels can play an important role, so you should consider investing some effort into your next label order.

There are a few essential questions you should ask your custom label printer to ensure that they are able to create the label that is best for your products as well as for your brand and stick with the available budget.

  • Can I see your portfolio?

Regardless the type of labeling solution you want, make sure that your custom label printer has something similar in its portfolio, because this is the best indicator that it can meet your needs.

  • Can you create a few different design versions of my label?

You should be able to order versions of your label design if you need them, within a single label order.

  • Can you produce both hand applying and machine applying labels?

It is important to know your label application needs before making an order.

  • What factors may affect my label material and adhesive options?

Some label materials and adhesives are designed for particular surfaces, so you will have to communicate to your custom label printer all the details about the container or surface they are going to be applied on.  If you need a custom label printer in your area be sure to consult with Primeflex Labels Inc.